U3A opening up for Term 3

UPDATE – The five day lockdown announced by the State Government on Thursday 15th July has been extended for an unspecified period. The date for U3A premises to be able to open up is unknown at this time.
Please keep checking back here for the most up-to-date information about U3A Knox opening up

The Government has mandated that everyone who is required to register their attendance at a venue (that is YOU) must use a QR code. This can be done either by

  • using your own mobile phone to scan the QR code on the door to your classroom, or
  • using the Kiosk computer located in the foyer at Parkhill campus. This only requires you to enter your name and telephone number. Office staff or another member will be available to assist you if needed. There will be no paper sign-in sheets but you will still need to mark yourself present on the class roll.

As things stand at the moment, face masks must be worn inside the buildings, so please bring one with you.

The hot water will be turned on in the kitchen but you will need to bring your own tea/coffee, cups, spoons and milk, which must be taken home with you.

Please follow the same entry and exit direction that were in place last term.

Enjoy your classes,
David Kerrisk (Vice President)