The Mystery Bus Tour

The Mystery Bus Tour on Tuesday December 10 turned out to be a great day. Our driver Gordon certainly kept our final destination a mystery. We stopped at Lillydale Lake and thought we’d arrived but not the case! Off we went again on a very scenic and circuitous route that kept us guessing where we’d end up.

Next stop was the Upper Yarra Historical Museum in Yarra Junction for an informative talk, some morning tea, a demonstration of gold panning and a fascinating walk around the exhibits.

And our final destination? The Toolshed Bar at The Outpost Retreat in Noojee where we enjoyed a very tasty lunch, good company and the odd glass of wine.

Special thanks to Gordon our fabulous bus driver, Knox City Council for supplying the bus and our very own Martin Maloney for his efforts in organising a very successful event. This was a really fun day that made us all look forward to the next bus tour sometime next year.

On the bus

Upper Yarra Historical Museum

Lunch at the Toolshed Bar, Noojee