Exploring Melbourne

There are two groups in 2019. The walk on Thursday is repeated for the Monday group in the following week.
The walks are scheduled for every second week during the terms, starting with the first week of the term for the Thursday group. The dates for the third term can be viewed by following the links below.

The starting place will vary depending on the area to be visited, and are listed in the linked tables. In general people living on the Belgrave railway line should meet in the last carriage of the 8:56am, 9:09am, train on the day of the walk. Make sure your MYKI card has credit – it costs $4.40 for the day.

Walk distances are 6 to 8 kms. and will finish approximately 12:30pm in the walking area nominated. Drinks and meals can be carried but also purchased before or after the walk in most locations.

For more details and the group walk schedules, click on the links below.