Getting a COVID vaccination

There are more places than ever before to get your COVID-19 vaccine.

The vaccines are safe, effective and free.

Getting the COVID-19 vaccine reduces your risk of getting sick with COVID-19 and protects you against becoming very sick if you do get COVID-19. It helps to protect your friends, family and community.

If most people are vaccinated, the virus can’t spread as easily. This also protects people who can’t get vaccinated.

The vaccines are free.

How to book an appointment
You can book at a participating doctor’s clinic or pharmacy. Find your nearest GP clinic using the Eligibility Checker.

Eligible people in Victoria can  book their vaccination online at one of over 50 vaccination centres. Bookings can also be made by calling the Coronavirus hotline 1800 675 398.

You need two separate doses (injections) of the vaccine to give you the best protection against vaccination COVID-19. The first dose of the vaccine will give you significant protection against COVID19 while you await your second dose. Once you receive the second dose, you will have the highest level of protection against COVID-19. Including protection against the Delta variant.

  • If you get the AstraZeneca vaccine, you should get two injections 12 weeks apart.
  • If you get the Pfizer vaccine, you should get two injections 6 weeks apart.

Vaccines are administered following the advice of the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI):

  • The   Pfizer vaccine is offered to people aged under 60 years.
  • The   AstraZeneca vaccine is offered to people aged 60 years and over.

You can read more about the vaccines, including risks and possible side effects of the vaccines at

The best person to talk to if you have concerns about your health and getting the COVID-19 vaccine is your doctor or health practitioner.

During the COVID-19 vaccine rollout you will need to maintain COVIDSafe behaviours, to keep yourself and your friends, family and loved ones safe.