Camera Club Pushes Through

Despite the disruptions to U3A classes and activities as a result of lockdowns, and the closure of our facilities, a number of groups have continued to meet via Zoom. One of these, that I am a member of, is the Camera Club class (13HOB01). This is how we manage online…

Our tutor, Ian Morris, sets a topic for the week in advance and we all submit images to him via online storage that he has set up. Topics for the last few weeks have been “Rivers & Streams”, “Transport”, “Three Colours” and “Black & White Street Photographs”.

We all join a Zoom session at 11:15am on a Wednesday. Ian, having received the images previously, commences proceedings by sharing his screen and showing the images to all of us. Each person’s images are shown one by one and the group votes for their favourite or best image. All of these “best” images, nominations for Picture of the Week, are displayed to everyone again, and a winning picture of the week chosen.

The voting is great fun, and leads to plenty of discussion about what made a particular image outstanding, or (in the kindest possible way) how an image could be enhanced.

We usually have time in the second half of our class to watch an instructional video on some aspect of photography. Hopefully they are helping us to become BETTER photographers.

It is disappointing not to be able to meet with fellow class members face to face at present, but this way of doing the class works well and keeps us connected.

Ian is also starting a new course (12HOB11 – Introduction to Digital Cameras). This will be offered via Zoom on a Tuesday night at 7:30pm. There are three modules, including a 10 week online course produced by Chris Bray Photography. This leads to an evaluation of Photoshop Elements editing software and, if you have or decide to buy the software, the course will continue for two more terms. It sounds good and I am going to sign up.

David Kerrisk

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