An update on planned class closures

After sending out the email regarding the closure of Parkhills and Carrington for the foreseeable future, we have received a number of concerned responses. We do understand your concern and would therefore like to reassure you with the following statement:

  1. Firstly the good news. The member concerned has been tested and the results have come back negative. It was therefore a false alarm. There has been no case of the Corona Virus at U3A Knox that we know of.
  2. However the threat of the Corona Virus has not diminished so our decision to close the U3A to all but the outdoor activities and planned excursions will stay in place as has been detailed in a previous email.
  3. Though it has become irrelevant in this case, we would like to assure everyone that all those in the class concerned were contacted. We would always endeavour to advise all of you of everything that concerns you personally as soon as we have the information.
  4. With the office closed and not everyone having email, communicating new information or changed circumstances quickly can be difficult. It is for this reason that we are including all indoor classes in the shut-down.