Allan Tudge Announces Huge New Facility at Fairpark

Allan Tudge, MP for Aston, together with Jake Keogh, mayor of Knox, have announced a 6 million dollar Community Centre to replace the Football Club rooms at Fairpark oval. Allan Tudge announced that the Federal Government had pledged $3 million and that the Knox council will match that with an additional $3 million in the next Knox council budget.  U3A president Steve Damm and the U3A committee have been working towards this for more than 3 years. As soon as plans are available they will be displayed in the U3A foyer at Fairhills.

As well as U3A, the new facility will house the Fairpark Football Club, The Fairpark Netball Club, The Johnson Park Cricket Club as well as other community groups.  Allan Tudge stated that the new facility would be the largest community facility in Knox.