Volunteering is the key to the success of U3A’s in offering lifelong learning to older members of the community. U3A’s are run entirely by volunteers in every facet of their organisation.

There are NO paid employees and members are encouraged to contribute in some way to the running of the organisation.

Please note: Until we are able to return to our home base at Fairpark (once building and renovation works are completed) and our operations get back to normal, we do not have a need for new volunteers. There will be plenty of volunteering roles to fill from 2024.

Volunteering is both stimulating and satisfying, so please join us in contributing to your U3A Knox. Volunteers are the key to keeping U3A Knox operating and the Committee provides incentives, believing it is only fair that those volunteers who run and maintain U3A Knox Inc should be given first opportunity to enrol for classes. The level of priority of enrolment is in direct relation to the amount of time and effort volunteered.

A list of volunteer roles and a brief description of the tasks involved, can be downloaded here

To register your interest in volunteering in 2021, simply click on the link  here and fill out the form when it appears on your screen. Your answers will be recorded and acted on by our Volunteer Coordinator.

Link to form above is https://forms.gle/xkq4BbVTaSQfHYWYA